Visit @ Mongo HQ in London

Today I visited MongoDB's London Headquarters as part of their "London Office Hours" event. The event lets developers ask questions from the MongoDB Masters and you can discuss pretty much anything with them - architecture, indexing, geospatial data or even simple questions such as how to do a query. The office is great, has an awesome vibe and of course you get free stickers, t-shirts and other goodies.

I had a chance to talk with Derick who is the resident Geo and PHP expert at Mongo. He will also be doing a presentation on MongoDB's Geospatial features next week (11th September 2013 @ the London MUG which I plan on attending because I hope to hear some useful information that I could utilise in our project, and of course, I can't wait to publish a great post on the topic as well. I already know some of the awesome Geo features that come with MongoDB but I'm sure I will learn a lot more next week. Until that, keep on rocking!

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