HTML5 Developers Conference - Day 1

Today was the first day of the HTML5 Developer Conference here in San Francisco and it has been quite spectacular. I have attended 7 talks and also had a look at the booths available from companies such as Intel, Adobe and LeapMotion amongst others. The first day was extraordinary and it was full of Mario examples, I may know why.

I will try to update the post once I have the links to all the presentations. Please bear with me.

Christos Georgipopulos - "From Grassroots to Green Pastures" (keynote speech)
As Intel is one of the main sponsors of the event it was obvious that their keynote will be the opening ceremony of the event. I didn't know but it seems that Intel works a lot alongside with the likes of Google and Mozilla to define web development standards. The presentation was very throughout and it covered something that I didn't know about, Intel's XDK framework.

Misko Hevery - "What is in store for the future of Angular?" (Link to presentation)
One of the guys who wrote AngularJS gave an extraordinary presentation about the future of AngularJS, with one caveat - he reserved the right to change anything about what he said. To me, one of the most exciting (potential) new features would be if they would break out AngularJS into small libraries - this way it would become more of an umbrella project and its various components could be reused by other projects. As Misko pointed it out, this would give the community a great benefit.

Sumit Amar - "Memory management for smooth infinite-scrolling" (Link to presentation)
A very interesting talk by Sumit on how to avoid serious memory leaks when implementing infinite-scrolling.

Jonathan LeBlanc - "Secure RESTful API Automation with JavaScript" (Link to presentation)
Jonathan, Paypal's developer advocate sounds like a person to be trusted when it comes to building something secure. He described how JavaScript developers are (still) trying to solve problems using old methodologies. He argued that there has been a lot of development in terms of making JavaScript better and these new methodologies should be in fact used. Finally he described the differences (pros and cons) of using OAuth2 and CORS as well as best practices when it comes to developing a RESTful APi.

Alessandro Alinone - "More Than Just WebSockets for Real-Time Mujlti-player Games and Collaboration"
A great presentation from Alessandro, a Milan based CTO of Lightstreamer - a company that deals a heck lot with websockets and streaming data. He has shown some demos made by his team (a multiplayer-ish Mario game, obviously) and some other sweet examples demoing how bandwidth reduction can cause delays using various websocket implementations.

Alicia Liu - "Levelling Up in AngularJS" (Link to presentation)
These days it seems to me that the web is all about reliving those Mario game moments and Alicia has taken that to the next level by developing a Mario game using AngularJS. The talk had a very good overview on services, promises, resolves and directives in AngularJS. Loved it.

Jen Kramer - "Comparing Bootstrap and Foundation" (Link to presentation)
Have you ever wondered what is the difference between probably the two most used CSS frameworks? Jen did a great overview taking into some major factors into consideration, such as browser support, accessibility, the grid system, their CSS preprocessors and so on. In a nutshell to me it seems that if you want to build something from the ground up and you have designers in house, use Foundation, but if you are after something pretty and not-so-easily customisable solution, use Bootstrap.

And this sums up the first day. It was a blast, I got a few t-shirts, stickers and other goodies as well. I will write a summary about day two as well soon.

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