HTML5 Developers Conference – Day 2

The second day of the HTML5 Developers Conference was equally packed with interesting presentations, just like the first one. Here's a summary of the presentations that I attended.

I will try to update the post once I have the links to all the presentations. Please bear with me.

Arno Gourdol - "How cupcakes are moving the web forward" (keynote speech)
Adobe, just like Intel, another main sponsor of the event has sent someone to deliver the keynote speech for day 2. It was a rather interesting one, Arno has showcased a lot of development that Adobe is doing for the web community - some of their projects are really cool such as snap.svg. My personal favourite was the Alice in Wonderland demo and I think many people would agree with me. Here's a video as well if you don't want to clone it from GitHub. (Note that this demo - for the time being at least - only runs on Chrome Canary.)

Ian Johnson - "Adventures in d3.js" (Link to presentation)
d3.js is a handy JavaScript library for charting and plotting data. Ian has gone through live examples, that everyone can check out via the presentation (see link above). He is also the owner/creator or Tributary, an experimental environment for rapidly prototyping visualisation code.

Diane Bisgeier - "From Developer to Entrepreneur" (Link to presentation)
A very exciting talk by Diane, who is part of Mozilla's WebFWD team and she discussed how developers should launch their companies and what are the most important things to concentrate on.

Chris Wilson - Web RTC
An overview of the Web RTC and it's future by Chris. This particular talk didn't tell me anything new that I didn't already know about this technology, it was however nice to have a recap. I look forward to the coming updates. It's also a shame that not much has been said about together.js (check it out, it's awesome).

Anant Narayanan - "Building JS APIs for Browsers" (Link to presentation)
I was looking forward seeing Anant's talk as I have collaborated with him via StackOverflow and GitHub before. His speech was based around how to best integrate JavaScript APIs - pros and cons, and he went into some detail about what HTML features are supported in what browser and the importance of making sure that there's always a fallback mechanism in place.

Joshua Woodward - "AngularJS and the Single Page Application (SAP)"
I have to say I was a bit disappointed by this presentation - but don't get me wrong, not because of the quality but because I was expecting a bit lower level, in depth overview of what is possible via AngularJS when building single page applications. The presentation was very high level and it only described very basic AngularJS examples, such as one and two-way data bindings, directives and routing.

Joe Marini - "Building Native Apps with HTML5"
The last talk of the day, delivered by Joe described how to build Chrome Apps using HTML5 - it was quite fascinating and I have learnt a few new things. I have to admit I didn't know that the Chrome Apps are all written in HTML5 and now I also know the best practices if I decide to write one.

And this sums up day 2 as well. I, again, had a great time and I hope to return in 2014 as well.

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