Authoring a book on AngularJS

I didn't have much time to post updates on my blog recently but rest assured that this will change very soon. I am busy working on a few projects as well as reviewing a book on the MEAN stack and authoring my own on AngularJS.

First of all I am working on my node.js/ chat app and refactoring the code a bit - it was a project for me that I've used as a learning curve to get a good grasp on and unfortunately enough the whole application is one big file and I really really don't like that. I'd also like to add further features - status messages and so on.

Let me also talk about these books that I've mentioned.

I am at the moment reviewing Simon Holmes' book - Getting MEAN - a great book that talks about pretty much everything that I blog about. It has a very good introduction that explains the necessary JavaScript basics that are required in order to comprehend some of the advanced topics such as callbacks - which are also explained in a great manner in the book. I really look forward to reviewing the rest of the chapters.

And finally - I am very close to finalising the details with a publishing company to start writing my own book - an introduction to AngularJS - I am currently brainstorming ideas what to put in the book and in what format. The biggest challenge at the moment is to come up with a good example site that I will build throughout the chapters of the book.

Please bear with me and you shall see a lot of interesting updates coming up on this blog - including some seminar invitations as well - stay tuned.

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