WebCamp Zagreb 2014

Finally I have some time to do a writeup about WebCamp Zagreb 2014 that I have attended a few weeks ago. I can summarise the event in a single sentence:

It was awesome!

(update) You can now watch my presentation on YouTube:

But let's get into some more detail. For the first time this year the event was held in English which meant that there was a great mix of speakers coming from a variety of countries and also, for the first time the conference was 2 days long with an extra day dedicated to workshops. I arrived to Zagreb around Friday lunchtime and I was on the same flight with one of the delegates from a company who has sponsored the event. (check them out - Toptal). My workshop run from 4pm to 7pm what I believe was an office building for the Croatian House of Commerce. (I may be incorrect on stating this). The facilities were great, and I had 13 wonderful attendees and hopefully I haven't fried their brains when we were discussing Single Page Application development using AngularJS and Firebase.

Saturday kicked off by an amazing keynote by Ross Tuck followed by a set of great talks - I have seen a talk on REST API design, Apache Cordova and Firebase.

I had the opportunity to also deliver a talk which was on Web Components. A big kudos to the conference organisers as they have managed to get 3 talks in on Web Components, and I personally didn't know about the other 2 presentations but regardless our 3 talks were perfectly synched. I have given a good introduction about the basics of Web Components, Marchin Warpechowski followed that up by building a Web Component using Polymer and finally Nikos Zinas talked about the future of Web Components.

Here's a pic of me presenting followed by a photo of the 'Web Components' team - myself, Nikos, Tomek and Marcin.

During the conference refreshments were provided and there were pizzas and some local dish for lunch. If soda and pizza doesn't make you happy, there was also a drinkup sponsored by Google at the end of the day - the beer seemed to be coming from a bottomless keg. :)

Will I be back next year? I will try to do my best to attend and I recommend that you do that as well if you're in the area.

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